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    Sad, But Still Lonely ch.1

    Dark Pearl
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    Sad, But Still Lonely ch.1

    Post by Dark Pearl on Mon Aug 02, 2010 9:52 am

    Chapter 1

    " A sad day for us ,huh sis." Raven's little sister named Nikendra said. " Yes,it is little sis." raven said. "Why did Steve die again." NIkendra said. " He died because he had a heartattack,"Raven said. " Ohh, well goodnight, big sis." Nikendra said.

    The next day at school."Um, I feel like I didn't have any friends. Darrian-san seems to be avoiding me, but does he like Damenina-chan or Koynia-chan; I wonder." Raven said in her thoughts. " Lets look at page 92 for Review Mrs. Marshall said to the class.

    After Mrs. Mashall's class, it was time for science class. "Well, lets see how my day goes." Raven said, until a note was placed on her desk. She looked around and saw her ex-boyfriend, Darrian walking away from her desk.
    (no am not put what here ex said in the not.)

    In the afternoon around the time for social studies class. " See stars." Raven's friend named Avery said."Man, shut the h*ll up ."Raven said as she sighs. " I'm ready to go home." Raven said again. Please Realse Students For Bus 281. Thats Bus 281." the acconments speaker said."Damn, I that thing." Avery said.

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    Re: Sad, But Still Lonely ch.1

    Post by Nikpl70662 on Mon Nov 22, 2010 12:27 pm

    when's next chapter! Question

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